There's plenty of fish in the sea, and boats, with awesome names.

Summer is here. Mainers are hitting the water for days spent fishing, floating, and frolicking. We took to Instagram to find some of the best boat names we could find. We know there's a lot more out there, so feel free to add to our list.

Naming your boat is a big seafaring tradition. Giving a boat a name is folklore that goes back over a thousand years. It's believed to bring luck to those aboard. Renaming a new-to-you boat is just as important. It's believed the greek god of the sea, Poseidon, keeps a Ledger of the Deep with every boat's name recorded. Before sailing, the owner must purge the boat's name from the list.

1 - The Other Woman

The Other Woman is in rough shape. But as they say, beauty is only skin...or hull deep.

2 - Dominatrix

Behold the Dominatrix, spotted in Addison. Does the crew wear leather while dominating the high seas? Thank you, ma'am. May I have another...lobster?

3 - All Jacked Up

She certainly looks it.

4 - Family Tradition

Either fishing is a family tradition for this boat owner, or they're a big Hank Williams Jr. fan. Maybe both? Either way, we dig it.

5 - Two-O-Seven

You gotta represent, even on the high seas.

6 - Captain Mortgage

Boats certainly aren't cheap. This owner is telling it how it is.

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A few boat names we were hoping to find:

  • Lobstah Boat (we've seen one named Lobstah Mobstah)
  • Tail Chaser
  • Wicked Fishahh
  • Cawkah Catchah
  • Sea Sled
  • Marden's Special
  • Reel Maineiac
  • Chowdah Prowlah

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