Is the road work in Hampden ever going to stop?

This is the question many of us residents face this summer. It really feels like they've been saving up all the road projects until the 2020/2021 season. It all started with the Grist Mill Bridge, aka Waterworks Hill Bridge, back a year or so ago. We had no direct route through the main part of town for over a year.

Then they, whoever "they" are, started all the work on the bridges on Interstate 95, as well as a new bridge on Route 69. In addition, there was a sewer replacement project that made one of the main drags through town inaccessible from the east.

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So there's actually something else coming up?

Now, at a point when the sheets aren't even cold from the last project, paving will begin on the highway section of Route 202. I noticed yesterday on my way home, that starting today, July 27th, paving would be taking place on 202 until August 6th. So it'll be a solid ten days of paving from Interstate 395, all the way to Western Avenue.

To be 100% fair, Route 202 is in dire need of being paved. There are tire eating potholes, cracks, weird metallic rattling sounds as you begin the last stretch as you prepare to get on 395... So some repairs will be welcome. But it does make one stop and wonder, if this pace keeps up, what could possibly be next?

Some questions might be better left unanswered. But Hampden is getting all the new things this year. So what if it's been choking out just about every route in and out of town. We'll at least have some shiny new roads and bridges to show for it. But definitely get ready for a bit of added inconvenience the next couple weeks in Hampden.

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