We did some digging.  No, not in the snow, but in the weather stats for Bangor.

So, what are the chances of a white Christmas here in Bangor?  Will there be enough of the white stuff up there on the roof for Santa and his reindeer to land that big old sleigh that's loaded with toys for all the good boys and girls in the area?

A half a foot of snow on the ground when one awakes on Christmas morning is an important factor when it comes to that holly jolly feeling that we all desire. It's right up there with finding an empty glass of milk and a half-eaten cookie by the fireplace.

So who do we turn to when we need the answers?  Who do we go to when we need reassurance that Christmas won't be ruined this year?

No, not Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, but the National Weather Service.

While you were digging out the garland and figuring out where you stashed the mistletoe, we looked up the weather data from over the past 10 years recorded every December 25th at the Bangor International Airport, and this is what we found.

Temperature   Snowfall   Snow Depth

2020    61 degrees      0.0         0.0

2019    28 degrees      0.0         0.0

2018    29 degrees      0.0         0.0

2017    20 degrees     12.2        8.0

2016    39 degrees     0.0          3.0

2015    54 degrees     0.0          0.0

2014    54 degrees     0.0          0.0

2013    17 degrees     trace       9.0

2012     28 degrees    0.0          0.0

2011     20 degrees    3.6          3.0

So, if we're to go by this, then it looks like a 30% chance of any snowfall whatsoever on the big day, and that we'll have a 40% chance that there will be snow already on the ground, or roof, for Santa to land in.

Maybe if we all write "snow" on our Christmas list the odds will increase.

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