Who has the coldest job out there?  We asked our audience and this is what they came up with.

We know that a lot of people listen to classic rock here on I-95 while they're hard at work, so we told them to call in or post at I95Rocks on Facebook to let us know what they thought was the most miserable job to have here in Maine when it's seven degrees below zero.

Imagine spending the day crawling under trailers trying to get the water moving again within frozen pipes.  That's what a plumber told us he's doing a lot of this week. Cold and miserable, no doubt!

Then there's the guy who shows up when your car won't start.

How about the guys up there on the roof shoveling off the snow?

The guys and gals out there delivering mail are a hardy bunch, but you have to imagine this cold weather is getting to them!

We had a call from one guy who was backing his truck up to the loading dock to pick up lobsters and other seafood for delivery elsewhere. Yes, that may be a cold gig, but actually fishing for the product looks a whole lot colder to us.

We heard from plow guys, outdoor carpenters and welders, and a woman whose husband cleans the snow off of the cars at a local car dealership. But we actually wonder how those that do the following survive the day.

More responses from both on air and online included the linemen that keep the power, internet, phones and TVs working. The roofers and construction workers who are braving the elements on top of a building or hanging off the side of a bridge somewhere. The guy hangin' off the back of the garbage truck and the grocery workers out there in the windy parking lot collecting carts.

Then there are those who deliver fuel to your home or business so that your butt will stay toasty warm.  The least you can do is shovel a path for these guys!

And we always had a soft spot in our hearts for the local farmers!

Thanks to everyone that responded and we hope that this cold arctic air goes bye-bye for us all very soon!

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