59 new symbols from an orangutan to a set of pinching fingers, ,which had to have been developed by a woman, will give users a thrill or two this coming fall.

Unicode, the company that's been giving the task to research, develop and then distribute Emoji (what a gig) informed the world yesterday as to what they'll be releasing this year.

2019 will see 59 symbols including a mechanical arm, an ear with a hearing aid, men holding hands, women holding hands, an otter, flamingo and skunk, an onion, butter and a waffle, shorts, swimsuits and ballet shoes, and a set of pinching fingers that signify something "small", like a "pinch" of salt....or, something that your former girlfriend would pass along to her friends....

The fingers have been giving the late-night comedians material already.

For a full list and to see the new Emoji, go HERE!



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