Looks like a clear view of a fantastic celestial happening for the Pine Tree State.

When the Leonid Meteor Shower peaks throughout this Wednesday morning one could be fortunate enough to view 10 to15 shooting stars an hour in the skies over Maine. However, If you really want to make the effort to check them out then we've got a few tips for you.

Here's the good news.

The National Weather Service tells us that the skies will be mostly clear over Bangor and Downeast Maine tonight and throughout tomorrow morning, although it will be cold with a low temperature of 25 degrees.  So, if you go outside to view this impressive meteor shower that happens every mid-November, then you better be wearing something warmer than your pajamas.

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Now, the bad news.

The moon will be almost entirely full and bright during the upcoming night. For those of us that live outside of the bright city lights normally shooting stars can be observed with ease here in Maine, but leave it to Mother Nature to come along and counteract that with a full moon.

The best time to see it.

Because of the full moon, people in the know tell us that the best time to observe the Leonid Meteor Shower is about an hour-long interval between when the moon sets and when the sun rises. You'll also want to look towards the east.

The sun will rise over Bangor and Downeast Maine at 6:39 on Wednesday morning, so get up and get outside a little after 5 for your best chance to see shooting stars.

Now don't plan on getting your beauty sleep later this week, because the partial lunar eclipse of the full Beaver moon will happen very early this coming Friday morning, and it's expected to last well over 3 hours.

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