25 Random Photos From My Cell Phone

Yes, I am just like you. I take pictures.

Not many, but I do take them, and they stay stored in my cell phone for what seems like years. I don't upload them to "the cloud" because I either feel like they're just not that important or, I just don't trust "the cloud."

The following 25 photos (there's actually 26, but who's counting) may bore you to tears, or because of your curiosity, you just may find them interesting. You'll find that most are from right here in Maine and you may have seen some of these local landmarks before.

If you're looking for photos of celebrities and exclusive happenings, you're out of luck. Being a radio announcer in Bangor isn't as exciting as some would imagine.

But, I hope you enjoy them. At some point, I may dig even deeper into the Photos folder within my iPhone, but don't hold your breath.

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