Thanks to COVID-19, most of us are spending a good deal of time at home, as we should. With that challenge, there comes a point where you've had your fill of home-cooked food, and/or Fluffernutters. But with many businesses in partial closure, how do you know who's delivering, or offering curbside pickup?

Well, Bangor just made that mega-easy. At the city's website, they've created a huge list of places offering just these very services. In fact, there are a lot more places willing to feed people than you might have thought. Dozens of spots in Bangor have adapted to either curbside, or indoor pickup.

And it's not just food. There are other businesses offering delivery for their services. Some pharmacies are delivering. You can actually have comic books brought to you. You can even get cannabis delivered to your house right now, if you're a qualifying medical patient.

Scope the impressive list of businesses right here. Lord knows, we all need to do the right thing and chill at home a bit more, but at least these businesses are helping ease the boredom of what's in the cupboards. And if all else, there is an adult beverage store on the list willing to bring you some bottled cheer. What a luxury!

Maybe this isn't all bad?

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