Yup, we've all been there many times, haven't we guys?  Enjoying the great outdoors with our lady, only to have to either walk for miles or drive out to civilization for her to use the bathroom.

We're posting this almost as a public service, so that us big hairy male species who don't mind the smell of nature won't have to hurriedly load up the kayaks, douse the campfire, miss that big buck, or have to leave just when the flag goes up.

Yes dear, I realize it's nothing to me.  All I have to do is try to miss my feet.

But watch as our video host here tells us, "Just remember, women have been peeing outside long before there were toilets"- now THAT'S the line to remember ladies.

So, whether you're ready to enjoy hiking Maine's great forests, searching for nekkid tweaking law breakers, or just want to get closer to nature, ladies, here's how to get away clean. Mostly.

Now while were on the topic, we may as well move along to #2.  Get it? #2?  Anyway.  I think we may be pushing our luck with this one, guys.  Yes dear, I have the keys to the truck.  Let's go.

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