The current salary for Maine's governor is the lowest in the nation.

The past Monday, a government committee in Augusta held a public hearing on a bill that would increase salaries for the governor, lawmakers, and judges.  The salary for Maine's governor hasn't increased since 1987, ,a long time without a raise of any sort.

If approved, the new bill would kick up the governor's salary from $70,000 to $135,000.

Let's compare that figure to those in other states.

According to, the salaries for other governors in New England are: Massachusetts - $185,000.  New Hampshire - $134,581.  Vermont - $178,274.  Rhode Island - $145,755.  Connecticut - $150,000.

So, it looks like Maine's Governor Janet Mills is grossly underpaid and it's about time for an increase.  Mills hasn't said whether or not she supports the proposed pay raise.

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