A few days ago we asked our listeners, "Where's your favorite Maine road trip destination?"  Our listeners certainly don't let any moss grow underneath their feet!

We all look forward to our days off from work!  Not only are our days off a time to get things done, but, they're also a time to play.  We throw the kayaks in the back of the truck, grab our cameras, binoculars and fishing poles, and then take to the road.

And most of us know where that road will take us.  Although, Susan had this to say, and we totally agree with her: "Any road trip in Maine is my favorite! We live in such an unbelievably pretty state! Take the back roads and follow your nose."

Maine is filled with lakes, ponds, beaches, pounding surf, trails, places to camp and picnic, along with plenty of places to shop and eat.

Here are just a few of our listeners most mentioned road trip destinations.


We don't care that Maine's most popular destination is packed full of tourists, we're more than happy to jump right into the middle of it all!  A drive on the Park Loop Road to take in all the sights is sure to make anyone's Saturday, including Brad's, who likes to cruise Acadia on his motorcycle.

THE MAINE NORTH WOODS There's a lot of territory up there to discover and enjoy.  Including the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, Mount Katahdin, Baxter State Park, and beautiful Moosehead Lake!  Lynda of Whitefield suggested, "Anywhere, take the back roads, go slow, watch the sunrise or sunset, sit in the woods and listen to what it says. I love it all."




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?Throwback to summer at my family’s ultimate happy place—our cabin in Maine on Lower Togue Pond, which was grandfathered into Baxter State Park several years ago when they extended the park border. Spending time there is so special because there’s no electricity and it’s beautiful and peaceful. We run water off a well and cook with propane. We truly disconnect for 5-10 days at a time. Baxter State Park is an absolutely amazing place to visit… Consider going up and renting a campground with your family. Or you could stay at my favorite local spot, @neocmaine which offers great cabins, outstanding food, and guided trips. ?Off the grid: have you ever done it? Would you want to? A post shared by Brooke | ??Boston North Shore (@brooke.spater) on


From the outlet stores that line the town of Freeport to the home of the Maine's best lobster roll in Eastport, the coast of Maine is one fine drive.  Jennifer loves Northport village, John tells us that you just can't beat Eastport in the summer, Julie likes the beach at Moose Point State Park in Searsport, and John tells us, "Sightseeing & a chowder starting in Corea, followed by a ride on the Winter Harbor commuter ferry to Bar Harbor and popovers at Jordon Pond."

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