Someone in all serious once told us, "You know, if you want them to come, they will."

On Monday night around 11 on June 25th at West Cove in Greenville, someone claimed to have seen the following and felt the need to report it to

"Orange/amber color orb observed in the direction of Squaw (Moose) mountain (westerly). Light pulsating at times. Dim to nothing then increase. Disappeared and reappeared near neighboring hill. Finally disappeared. Second emerged near Squaw, closer to Greenville. Object smaller and did not change much. Lasted 5 mins. Moved in south westerly direction at a slow, constant rate. Prior it was stationary in the sky for a few mins."

Meanwhile in Dover-Foxcroft, someone reported seeing an egg like object in the sky for about 3 minutes or so following a fireworks display this past July 4th.

"I was outside after i just got home from the fireworks and i noticed this weird odd shaped object hovering in the far distance. the object kept rapidly flashing colors as it hovered up and down and then side to side i watched it for about an hour or two and then it just completely vanished in to thin air."

The most recent sighting in Maine happened last Thursday, July 19th, in Westbrook.  It happened at 11:30 p.m. when the observer say a diamond like object in the sky, and it was reported to  The person that reported this sighting must have really wanted the aliens to stop by, because he got 'em on video, which you can see HERE.  Here's what they had to say about their "encounter."

"Was out looking at the stars, moon, and mars when i noticed a star like object blinked on out of no where. i got out my phones and began to record when i noticed it brightened and was moving."

Do you believe?  Obviously some do.


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