Who talks to these people when they call?  Apparently, a few Mainers every now and then.

Information about the latest phone scam to hit the area was posted today by the Somerset County Sheriff's Office, and evidently it involves your good name and 200 lbs. of confiscated cocaine.

Of course, the only way to get out of a situation like this is by purchasing hordes of gift cards and then reading the PIN #s in bulk to the caller.

Most of us realize that this is a scam.  There are those that don't.  It is your job to protect those that don't -the elderly, the young, and those that are just not that smart.

Tell those that you know and love that could be a victim to monitor their caller ID, not to say "yes" if they decide to answer, and hang up immediately if the voice is not recognized.  Of course, tell them to never give out their personal information, like a social security # or a credit card #.

No one with any credibility whatsoever is going to call out of the blue and need those personal things.  Believe none of what you hear.  Hang up.

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