Last week's 'What's This Wednesday' clue was an absolute stumper. At least this week's clue was a whole lot easier, and there were a bunch of correct guesses. So....what was it?

JStew: Ultimately, I got the right answer. After like, ten guesses. It would appear I'm not as good as guessing the clues as I'd like to think I am. But it is what it is. My first guess was a zipper, but then I cleaned my glasses, and realized how stupid I was. And then it went downhill. Cori once again maintains her reign as the keeper of the sacred What's This Wednesday photo.

Cori: I was looking around my studio for inspiration for this week's What's This Wednesday clue, when my 5-year-old, Bridget, busts into the room with an exasperated "I need a tissue!" and then proceeded to sneeze into my lap. It's fine. She's my 4th kid, so I'm used to being covered in stuff like sneezes. But as she grabbed the tissue from the box, a bolt of inspiration struck, and I just had to go with it. And thus, this week's clue was born:

Cori Skall: What's This Wednesday Clue
Cori Skall: What's This Wednesday Clue

Let's have a little peek at your answers as well, and enjoy the wrong ones most, hahaha.

Gotta love your creativity!

Cindy Fye Saw blade
Nancy Neu It top of glass soda bottle. You need a can opener or a quarter
Jennifer Potter Bottle cap
Kim Carter Cactus plant
Rob Irwin I know it's not, but a quick first glance it looks like a circular saw blade.
Barbara Ann Hanley Cactus
James Hubisz That's definitely something
Furrøw Wøød It's one Edge of Dollar Tree Toilet Paper
Stacey Morgan Clement Plastic wrap cutter
Jamie Stebbins Bottle cap
Melanie Perkins Vacuum attachment
Now for those who get bragging rights for being correct this week:
Sandra Lyn A tissue box
Stephen Hopkins Tissue box for sure!!
Kathy Barker Tissue box opening
Lin Briggs Tissue box
Mary Sapiel At first glance i saw a citrus spoon but now i see the top of a tissue box
Sarah Diecidue Tissue box opening
Sandra McAllian Hanscom Tissue box
Bob Hatch Tissue box.
Alicia Dawn Tissue box
Debby Johnson Tissue box
Mary Klein Drouin Top of tissue box
Thanks again for all the guesses! Until next week...
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