JStew here this morning, on New Year's Eve, Eve. The What's This Wednesday clue started out with a lot of correct guesses, leaving me to think I had not chosen so wisely. On the other hand, it's right before the new year, and we finally get to leave this dumpster fire of 2020 behind us. So if had been easy, so be it. We earned it.

But then the answers took a turn for the hilarious, which I love most of all. I feel like that's where people's creativity comes out and has fun with it. Sure, anyone can reverse image search things on Google, but going the extra mile to put a humorous spin on a boring subject is the best!

Since Cori is on vacation this week, It forced me to come up with my own photo. Honestly, I'm really bad at it, which is why Cori picks them most of the time. Hahahaha. But I did my best. So in all it's glory, I present to you, the perfect metaphor for 2020. My stinky-ass compost jar....

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

But seriously, props to everyone that got it right out of the gate. But also, maybe even bigger props to those who just made up answers. Again, those are the ones that entertain Cori and me the most. So here they are for you to scope out yourself.

Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Compost bin
Gail Sawyer Compost bin. It has the holes in the top to let gasses out.
Madison Jones Compost bin!
Mary Klein Drouin Compost pail/bin
Paul Keezer Fire hydrant from the Lord of the Rings...
Ron Mcleod Weed stash bin
Michelle Lawson Compost bin
Gayle Picard Fragrance pot..
Rob Irwin Ash can for the fireplace
Kari Jo Davis Salt shaker.
Robert Kaye Chamber pot
Sue Simard-Poliquin lard/bacon grease jar
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