Monday is National "Everything You Think Is Wrong" we’re giving you a chance to sound off on what you think is wrong! Lay your pet peeves on us!

JStew: Oh man.... I think  like most folks, I could probably go on all day. About a hundred different things, at least. But I think the things that get to me the most, sadly, are things I can't control. For instance, I absolutely HATE traffic lights. Well, most traffic in general. If transporters from Star Trek are ever a thing in my lifetime, I will gladly hop on the bandwagon. But... there's also absolutely nothing I can do about it. Lights are always going to be there, and lord knows you can't control the driver of the car in front of you either. So that leaves you only being able to control yourself. And frankly, that's just not very satisfying. Traffic = wrong.

Cori: Typically, I try not to dwell on what's wrong, but look for what's right. But if I have to choose, I would say that one of the things I think is very wrong with the world right now is the idea of things, and worse, people, being disposable. Back in the day, people put the time into working on things. If something was broken, there wasn't this attitude of "oh well, I'll just replace it. " And because of that, I think people took care with both the "things" that they had and the relationships they had, too. There was an effort made, an effort that is sorely lacking these days, in my opinion. People would rather "do what makes them happy" rather than work on issues or work to make repairs--and that translates into a lack of appreciation for what or who is in their life. Sometimes some of the biggest and best lessons come from the struggle and putting in the work. There's value to that that's been lost. But that's just my opinion.

We asked you to weigh in. Here's what you think is wrong!

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Larry DeWitt I bought a new motor for a chainsaw and it's broken in the box-really pissed.
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Making more on unemployment than when working.
Bob Hatch Today's "morals" are wrong, our government is wrong, potholes are wrong, gas prices are wrong, rap music is wrong, shall I go on?
Kate Boyington
May be an image of indoor
Shawna Dill Kate Boyington
so wrong.
Kris Currier Itchy tags in your clothing! Especially your underoos!!!!
Kari Jo Davis Damn potholes.. people, fill the damn potholes!
Mary K. Drew One day would not be enough time to list all of my thoughts on this question.
Melissa Avery Burns Sleeping on someone else's pillow. That's just wrong.
Bobbie Lindsey People who will communicate only through text and refuse to talk on the phone. They will spend hours sending millions of text messages to communicate when you can get it all done in a 2 minute phone call.

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