Looks like a whole bunch of women took this survey!

The folks at Hater, which is an app that matches up single people that hate the same stuff, ran a survey recently and came up what folks hate the most per state.  You may be surprised, or, you may not.

Here in Maine singles hate "boys night out" the most.

Yeah guys, you may want to take that in.  Instead of another night out to camp drinking with the boys, you may want to take your lady to dinner and a movie instead.  Leave the "bro" thing behind and there may be lovin' in your future.

HaterDater.com image
HaterDater.com image

Results from some states are quite unique, like don't be dabbing pizza grease with a napkin in Virginia, or, apparently using a money clip in Pennsylvania is a big turn off.

The result in Massachusetts was expected.  There's no doubt that fans of the New England Patriots dislike New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Sand is a big no-no in Arizona, so we guess people there are s**t out of luck because there certainly is plenty of it, and if you reside in Utah you may want to stay off of Pornhub.com.

One state's results that we did find interesting is that people in Minnesota hate to drink alone.  Who does?  Oh yeah, George Thorogood does.  But no worries there, he's from Delaware, where people only despise jellyfish.

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