The City of Bangor is one of the few public governments in the entire state that will swing by your home, suck up your leaves and take them away.  This is pretty amazing, especially for those that live elsewhere.

We live in a city where all public works does is plow snow into our driveway.

So, if we lived in Bangor we'd be preparing for this coming Monday, November 2nd, when Bangor Public Works will begin to drive by homes in the City's neighborhoods with big vacuums and big trucks, ready, willing and able to haul away autumn's offerings from the curb in front of your home.

All you have to do is rake them.  Pretty cool.

Just get those loose leaves curbside until and the City will continue to make passes through area neighborhoods until they're gone.  Meanwhile, the folks at Public Works ask this of you.

They just want leaves.  No rocks, no yard waste of any sort, including dog poop, no branches or other debris.  Why?  Because this stuff clogs up the vacuum hose, damages the vacuum itself, and may even injure a Public Works employee.  All of that stuff can be taken to the Bangor Public Works Compound which is located at 530 Maine Avenue, and it's open Mondays through Sundays, during daylight hours.

If you need to talk to someone further about leaf collection in Bangor, you can call 992-4500 or email at

Yeah, we think that you should take advantage of this service, because here in the city that we live in, the leaves will stay where they lay.

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