Roller coasters, water slides, Santa and dinosaurs, from Massachusetts to Maine, there's plenty to do and see this summer.

The temperatures are beginning to heat up and following the last year or so folks are eagerly awaiting fun and exciting things to do in New England.  But before you stuff the kids into the mini-van and head south to one of the region's amusement and theme parks, let's see if they are indeed open first.

Some of the following parks are completely open for business while others may only be partially open or closed altogether, so while you look to see if you can actually afford to get the kids through the gate, let's check them out.

Remember, due to the nasty COVID-19 pandemic, most parks will be operating a little differently this summer season and will more than likely require you to wear a face mask.

Here's When Your Favorite New England Amusement Park Will Be Opening

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