Don't freak out just yet.

Yesterday morning, folks in Aroostook County woke up to a few flurries in the air and a few flakes on the ground, which especially for our brothers and sisters up north amounted to not much of a second thought.

The National Weather Service in Caribou posted a photo of their snowed-in headquarters, but worry not, it's an older photo.

For the rest of us here in Maine it was a typical autumn weekend, with blustery winds and daytime temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. Temps during the overnight both Saturday and Sunday dipped into the mid 30s, with no sighting of the white stuff.

The snow will be here soon enough though, as the meteorologists huddled together in their bunker up north remind us that the average yearly date for a first measurable amount of snow here in this vast state is October 25th.

Although, we recently did some research on first measurable snowfall here in Maine over the years past and it really shows that mother nature is pretty unpredictable.  Here's when the very first measurable snowfall has happened over the past seven years, according to

11/08/2019  Amount: .21 of an inch.
11/20/2018  Amount: .01 of an inch.
12/10/2017  Amount: .34 of an inch.
11/22/2016  Amount: .01 of an inch.
12/27/2015  Amount: .06 of an inch
11/02/2014  Amount: .21 of an inch
In 2013 it really didn't snow at all until March of 2014.

So, don't spend your time wishing for it to snow, chances are it will be here soon enough.  Maybe.

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