Usually when the police or the fire department show up at your party, it's a bad thing. Either someone is getting arrested, or someone is leaving in ambulance that needs stitches after putting their head through your window. Or worse, your house is on fire and needs to be put out of it's misery.

But not so in Hermon.... The newest trend in kids birthday parties right now, due to COVID-19, is to have birthday parades. Since gatherings of pretty much any kind have been suspended for the time being, folks are piling into cars, or marching up and down the street to celebrate someone's birthday.

The Hermon Fire Department posted on their Facebook page, that they'd love to join the fun for kids who line in Hermon. They want to show up with one of their trucks, switch on all the lights, crank up the sirens and horns... the whole works. Every kid should feel special on their birthday, and this would just be over the top.

As I often point out, I'm basically just a big kid too. Even at my age, I'd still love to have the fire department show up with the full show blaring. But big adult kids like me don't usually get those kind of perks. But I know for these kids that get to have this, they will absolutely never forget it.

If you live in Hermon and want them to show up at your child's party, you can call them to set it up at 207-848-1046.

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