Let me start by saying that my mom raised us to always send Thank You cards. Whether to show appreciation for gifts received, time spent, or any generosity of spirit, a thank you card is a recognition of someone's effort to go above and beyond, even if just a little bit.

Now, the ones I am used to sending usually have a few heartfelt wishes or thanks on the inside, and a bird or flower or some sort of pretty nature scene on the front.

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I can honestly say I have never, in my life, seen a thank you card so creative, thorough, or well thought out as the one Hermon Firefighters received this week. This one takes the cake, and shows, without a doubt, a level of deep gratitude I have yet to see the likes of, captured in a thank you card.

Check this out!

The story behind this particular Thank You is a beautiful one. This spring, members of the Hermon Fire Department joined forces with firefighters from a number of neighboring towns, to battle a blaze in Bangor. In the process of fighting the fire, Hermon Fire Capt. Mike Simmons noticed a special flag in one of the rooms of the structure. He knew, based on the way it was framed and folded, that it was an important piece of someone's history. So Simmons and Company made a quick effort to save this flag.

Jeff Tenney
Jeff Tenney

What these firefighters did not know was that the flag belonged to Jonathan Tenney, the gentleman who lived in the apartment. And that flag, which had flown at Tenney's Grandpa's funeral, would end up being the only piece of service memorabilia (from Grandpa's time serving in WWII) that would survive the fire.

Needless to say, the Tenney family was quite grateful to the Hermon Fire Department for recognizing this beloved piece of history as such and went above and beyond to save it.

If you spend some time really looking at the Thank You, you will see that Bonnie Tenney, Jonathan's Mom, spent quite a bit of time putting in quite a bit of detail, which pretty much shows the story of the entire ordeal. It's amazing.

What a beautiful, heartfelt way to say thank you for a beautiful, heartfelt effort.

Well done, all the way around.

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