We're lucky here in Maine, that you don't have to travel far to find a fun place to spend some time outdoors during the winter.

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You can travel to the coast, and take in the wintry ocean waves. You can drive a little way and set your sights, and traps, on any number of frozen lakes or ponds.

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But if you prefer powder, there are plenty of places to put your skis or boards in the snow. And one of the better-known spots in Eastern Maine announced today that they plan to open for the season, right after Christmas.

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Hermon Mountain Ski Resort took to their Facebook Page to share the news.

"It's been a rough start, and the expected open date has changed a few times, but our official expected opening day will be Monday 12/27 from 9-4."


Earlier in the month, they had put the call out for folks who might want were looking for a fun winter job, and might be interested in joining their team.

"Lift attendants & Rental techs part-time or full from Christmas week or earlier until early April must be 18. We also need ski and snowboard instructors age 15 minimum. No experience necessary apply in person at Hermon Mountain or at www.skihermonmountain.com."

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According to the schedule on their website, Hermon Mountain will be closed on Mondays but will open Tuesday through Friday 3 PM to 8 PM, with full or half days of skiing available during the weekends.


Their website also mentions that they hope to bring back tubing to the mountain starting in February of 2022.

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