Today, we were hoping you might share your hidden or unusual talents with the rest of the world. Instead of keeping them in the dark, let those talents shine today!

JStew: I'm not sure I'd call it a hidden talent, but a lot of folks don't know that I can cook. I talk about it on our posts, and on the air sometimes, but before my years in radio, I worked in just about every restaurant worth it's salt in Portland. Then when I ran out of those, I had two of my own. Which leads me to my second hidden talent: managing money. I'm a budgeting wizard. Certainly, there's a lot more to know about money than I know, but I can push peas around the money plate better than a lot of people. A skill I owe to my mother. She's the magician when it comes to that stuff.

Cori: Alright--I'm calling him out on this one. Everyone knows JStew can cook. What he epically failed to tell you is that he's an AMAZING whistler. Like if the dude from the Scorpions and Alx Rose had a baby, that baby still wouldn't whistle as well as JStew can. Also, he can play almost any melody on the "hand fart". These are the things we do to keep ourselves occupied during commercial breaks, can you tell?!

As for me, I have a hidden talent for making bad decisions and being super bendy (Maybe the two go together? I should look into that.)

It's nice to see folks appreciate themselves and the unique qualities they bring to the table. Let's check 'em out...

Greg Miller I am great at forgetting names lol.
Angelina Stearns I can put two grapes in my upper lip and completely cover them. It's a hit with kids and it's funny to watch other people try it. A socialite image is not one that I maintain.
Mary K. Drew I am a GREAT parallel parker. I also enjoy plumbing.
Doug  I’m chock FULL of talent! Was voted most talented in high school. Didn’t work out that great....BUT! For the purposes of this conversation, I can do an almost perfect impression of R Lee Ermey as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. I had the entire first 57 minutes of that movie memorized. Of course it’s quite vulgar, so I don’t get to show this talent off very often.
Mary Sapiel I can make myself sound like I've sucked in helium without actually using any
(Here's proof! She actually called and did it for us!)
Angela Faulkner I remember series if numbers like phone numbers and zip codes. I know almost every zip code in Aroostook County and several more throughout the state
Cecile Beaulieu I had a talent as a figure skater back a few years. I passed most of my badges.. its now a hidden talent for sure but I have it nonetheless!
Megan Bridges I can whistle using my fingers extremely loud. I can plug my nose with my upper lip. I'm a whiz at number logic puzzles (sudoku, kakuro, etc.)
Brian Bent I can hum in 47 different languages.


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