As a fan of movies, if the concept for one hasn't been entirely explored or played out, or it's just plain awesome enough to continue the story, then I'm usually a fan of sequels.

Take Terminator, for example. T2, the sequel, was arguably even better than the first movie. That's an example of an awesome sequel.

That being said, there are just some things that are perfect all by themselves.

They stand alone.

The Goonies, for instance. There should never be a sequel to The Goonies.

There's no way on this Earth that they would need to have any kind of an extension.

Yet there's always someone who would disagree. And just like that one friend who gets super drunk at a party and comes up with a terrible idea-- and who, despite the advice of all of their well-meaning and sober friends, has the bankroll to see the really terrible idea through to the end, so there have been a number of sequels made that just really shouldn't have been.

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Today, we explored which sequels you thought should never have been ever.

In my personal and humble opinion, Waynes World 2 is one of those. They should have just left it at the one. It was perfect. Also, any Die Hard after the 3rd.

Bob Hatch Expendable 2
Dorian  Speed 2 Cruise control. What an awful movie.
Kelly Mahar Speed 2...or even the first Speed lol
Kate Boyington Weekend at Bernie’s 2
Keri Whitney Grease 2
Kari Jo Davis Grease 2
Jeremy Dubay Ski School 2, Teen Wolf Too, I still know what you did last summer, caddyshack 2.
Cindy Campbell Sex and the City II. Horrible.
Betsy Goodwin There's so many to choose from, Jon says Porky 2. Revenge of the nerds, Major League 2. All of the Land Before Time movies after the 1st one.
Doug Springer Highlander 2. Unwatchable (JStew agrees, saying "Flaming Sack of Crap")
Megan Peloquin Grease!!
Brent Springer Caddy Shack II. Don't even bother
Michael Grant Gunna have to go with joe dirt 2

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