Today is International Women's Day, and we thought the best way we could help honor that, is by doin shout outs online, and then reading them out on the air. Who would you honor?

JStew: Man... Where does one even begin with this? I'd give every women I know a shout out if I could. Just about all the women in my life are of the highest possible caliber. Obviously, my mom. She's the strongest woman I know. If you can think of any kind of life-battle that needs to be fought, she's done it. My wife... That woman puts up with me day in, and day out. That deserves a trophy all by itself. My sister, absolutely. She's a teacher and puts up with everyone else's kids all day, and somehow does it with a smile. And as always, my partner-in-crime, Ms. Cori. A single mom of four, who constantly shames most moms in her ability to parent in the most awesome ways. I could go on and on and on, and probably should. But let's give other people a chance here, right?

Cori: I'll begin at the beginning with my mom. She's been an amazing example of resilience, strength and love. Then there's my sister--she is one of the most selfless human beings you'll ever meet. For someone who typically never really had a lot of "girl" friends growing up, I have a small tribe of women who I consider close friends in adulthood--and I have come to respect and cherish for their amazing kindness, strength and generosity. Their wisdom, their love, their loyalty, their prayers...they keep me going. Finally, to those women whom I see but may not know, who are showing up for their families, taking the time to do their best at being wives, mothers, daughters, inspire me daily. I feel lucky, as I had such strong female examples growing up, that I never really considered being a woman as a roadblock for anything. And while I may have faced situations where I was underestimated because I'm a girl, it's been my pleasure to prove those folks wrong, every step of the way. I only have the confidence to do so, because strong women in my life went before me and showed me how.

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We had a lot of fun with this today, and wanted to share as many of your responses as we could....

John Soule My mom and my wife faith

Wendy Clewley My mom & my daughter This is me & my daughter Christina here,If anyone knows her at Infinity bank downtown please give her a shout out for me.
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Kari Jo Davis Mumma. She's the best, Lois Cummings.
Bonnie Marckoon My adult daughters, Becca Hines and Sarah Marckoon. They make me proud every single day!
Darren  Just wanted to say thank you to my mom, Diane, for everything she has done for me all these years getting me we’re I am today couldn’t have done it with out u. Love always. Your son Darren
Shawnna Farley My mom, Tanya Webber and sister Jamie Rae. So many other strong women!!
Becky Sutherland My mother of course she made a lasting impression on me, she is truly missed.
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Becky Sutherland Pat Dunbar was another role model, she is missed as well
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Dennis I just gotta chime in on this amazing women's day, I gotta give another shout to My is her 70th birthday...she's just an amazing woman! And 48 years ago today, on her birthday, she was in the hospital giving birth to me. 9 minutes later she had my twin brother. So we kinda share the same birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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