So, yesterday was World Compliment Day, and we were wondering, what's the best compliment you've either given or received?

JStew: Hmmmm... this will always be tough for me, as I generally hate having attention brought to myself, despite my chosen career path. So most compliments paid to me kinda go in one ear and out the other. Otherwise, I make it a point to say something nice to my wife everyday. Not like the usual stuff, like, you're hair looks nice. But actually something meaningful. you'd be surprised what you can do for your marriage by making sure your partner knows you like them. Not just love them, but actually like them, too. If I had to pick a fun one though, sometimes when we're bickering about something, I just call her ridiculously hot. Right in the middle of the argument. It's usually over about ten seconds after that, because it makes us both laugh. Not because my wife isn't, but because we both realize we're being silly.

Cori: I'm with JStew on this one. I have never been great at accepting a compliment. It's something I'm working on, but it usually catches me off guard and then I'm all self conscious and turn into a great big ball of awkward. I do appreciate when I get compliments about my kids, though. Those are the ones that make me the most proud. When people take a moment out of their day to share with me that they enjoy having my kids in a class, or that one of them did something nice for someone else, and that "You must be doing something right, because they're great kids..." I think as moms, especially in my case, we are always full of doubt and regret and exhaustion. It's hard to know if what you're doing as a parent is sinking in. And so those moments are not only really appreciated but so helpful and validating.

That's not to say we don't appreciate it when you send compliments our way, like Dave did, because we certainly do.

David Shorey You two are the best dj's and I-95 is the best rock station in Maine. You Rock!!!

Here's a peek at your nice things, all said and done...

Cheryl McManus That I had a beautiful soul was the one given and the best ever received
Betsy Goodwin I had a lady at Walmart tell me that I was doing a wonderful job with my kids while I was trying not to lose my cool while my youngest had a meltdown. It was just what I needed in that moment, I cried.
Chico The best compliment I get, that makes me feel good, is when I'm wearing my hat and people come up and thank me for my service. It doesn't matter if they're young or older. It makes me feel good.
Darren  Wanna say thank you to all the power crews out there doing what they can do restore power in the frigid cold


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