Each month, when my electric bill comes in the mail (I know, I'm old-school. I still get actual paper bills!) I think to myself "If I could only hook the kids up to a hamster wheel and let them go nuts, I could probably generate plenty of watts to keep up with this ridiculous demand. What the heck am I running in here that's so expensive?!"

And then I remember, I have 4 kids...everything is always dirty! So all the appliances that work the hardest in my house (aside from me!) are going to be of the "washing/drying" persuasion.

But it I'm really taking a good look at the appliances that I use the most, the #1 offender would be my coffee maker. Hands down. Yes, I realize the fridge runs 24/7. But I'm classifying this analysis on the appliances I actually have to turn on. And my coffee maker...well, let's just say that I go through one of those giant bulk tins of coffee a week! If there's a day I brew less than 4 pots of coffee in one day, then I must not be home.

I asked JStew, and he said that in his house it's the stove (obviously). He also uses his grandfather's old power drill a lot.

That got us thinking: What the most used appliance in your house?

We asked. You answered. The rest, well, see for yourself!

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Elaine Craik My fridge.. I never shut it off!!  Next? My coffee grinder

Darren Our washer and dryer. Get the most use to ur question of the day

Sue Simard-Poliquin fridge

Linda Memaw Boone Definitely the washer!

Shawnna Farley The microwave or the fridge
Mary Klein Drouin Fridge
Angela Faulkner Same as you Cori
Melissa Avery Burns It's a toss up between the coffee maker and the dish washer.... won't move now that I have a dishwasher and a garage....
Mary K. Drew I genuflect in front of my dryer. Having 3 of my 4 babies in Austria with NO DRYER, while using cloth diapers, was NO FUN AT ALL! The hard water and line drying (which meant carrying baskets of wet clothes up to the attic to hang them) made the diapers stiff and rough. The diapers had to then be ironed. So I am very grateful to whomever invented clothes dryers. Stoves and fridges are also important, but I use my electric kettle nonstop all day, everyday.
Kelley MacDonald Oh god yes those 3 (coffee makes, dish washer and washer) for sure!
Amber Harvey My air fryer!
Natalee Kohls Coffee maker and Ninja Foodi
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Coffee maker! Coffee every day...no matter what!
Christine Delano Teapot (no coffee for me). Refrigerator. All 3 freezers. We like to eat.
Amanda E. Gleason Dishwasher, microwave, and fridge.
Chinonye 'cinny' Anumaka Stove, microwave and fridge! We cook everyday!
Nixie Kemas laptop(I spend 18hrs+ on it daily), fridge. TV I care less!

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