Recently, we heard tales that Betty White occasionally, or perhaps more often, enjoys good pizza paired with good vodka. It got us wondering, if you could choose a celebrity to go on a little bender with, who might that be?

JStew: This was tougher for me than I thought it might be. Although, after a minute, I think the first people that came to mind were the Abbott Brothers(RIP)....aka Vinnie & Dimebag from Pantera. I've watched hours of Pantera backstage footage, and it always looks like they're doing everything they can to be having the best time, at all times. Just what you'd expect backstage at a metal show... Lots of booze, gambling, fireworks being shot off indoors, ladies of questionable virtue, etc. It looks like the best time ever. It also looks like a lightweight like myself could probably only handle a day of that. How they kept that up full time for years...? I don't have that kind of stamina, hahaha.

Cori: I think, aside from Sam Elliott (and Linda already picked him, so I won't steal her pick) I'd like to go drinking with Jason Mamoa. I know he likes dark beer, like I do. In fact, he likes the dark beer so much that  Guinness gifted him with his own personal brew called Mano! Plus, he loves his family and is fiercely loyal to them. So I think I'd love to drink some Guinness and talk about family with Jason Mamoa. If he wasn't available, I'd totally sit at a bar sipping cocktails with Bill Murray and/or Steve Martin. I bet that would be a laugh-and-a-half!

Your answers were pretty awesome. Apparently, everyone has thought more than once about who they'd like to bend elbows with....

Jen Zimmerschied John Travolta!!
Kristi Carney Betty White, obviously!
Lindsey Adams Jim Carrey
Betsy Goodwin Definitely Betty White
Peter Drummond Donald Trump
Bob Hatch Brooke Shields!
Paul Keezer Clint Eastwood...
Kari Jo Davis Robin Williams would have been my choice. Presently, I'd enjoy Bob Marley.
Barbara Keezer Kenny Chesney because it would be on a beach somewhere
Kelly Mahar David Boreanaz
Nancy Gildred Kelly Clarkson
Cheryl McManus Paul Walker
Linda Memaw Boone Sam Elliot! Not sure how much drinking would be done though!!
Mary Klein Drouin Have a drink with Donald Trump
Chico I'd get drunk with Cheech & Chong!
Doug Springer Most celebrities want to go drinking with me....
Debbie Callahan-Sepper Getty Lee. Not only am I a huge fan of Rush, but he is the child of Holocaust survivors. I write books and teach about the Holocaust and tell the stories of survivors. It's on my bucket list to somehow meet him one day.
Matt Perkins Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park)
Goose59  The cast from wild hogs


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