Now this is camping in style.

Under Canvas Acadia officially opened for business just a month ago and out of state visitors and locals alike are impressed with it's "safari like" feel and accommodations that'll make you want to leave your smelly old tent and sleeping bag out by the side of the road for the garbage truck.

To begin with, the new "glampground", or glamorous campground for those behind the times, is located over 100 acres off Route 172 in Surry and some of the finer sites within it have a really nice view of Union River Bay.

The tents are set up above ground on a platform which of course leaves the chilly night time air that emits from the earth below, not to mention that some even come with a woodstove.  The canvas tents have furniture like chairs, tables, a sofa and bed, and the bathroom is much better than the outhouse at your family camp out beside the pond, as it includes a toilet that flushes and an old fashioned pull-chain shower.

One of the selling points for you may be the "hives", which are small tents for children to sleep in outside of your tent.  Champagne, anyone?  The kids will be busy anyway as free s’mores are provided there every night.

There's also a really cool little restaurant there where glampers can have breakfast or dinner.

Surry is the 9th glampground that Under Canvas has across the country, all located in close proximity to a National Park like Acadia.

Rates start at $299 and can go much higher than that. If you've got the cash you may want to book right now, because it looks like the place is going to be pretty popular.

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