Miss Ginny pulled off a very successful story time with goats this morning.  Yes, it was successful because it was entertaining, but even more so because the goats didn't eat the book!

What a neat idea to keep the young kids busy for a few minutes while a lot of us are otherwise occupied working from home.

The video was shot at Treeworgy Family Orchards in Levant, a well known family farm where folks can go to enjoy the animals, have something to eat, get lost in a corn maze, or enjoy an old fashioned hay ride.

After introducing the goats in attendance, Miss Ginny reads from Duck in the Truck, a popular kid's story where a, well, a duck in a truck gets stuck in the mud.  Three friends then eventually come to the duck's aid.

How do they all make out?  Guess you and the goats will have to wait until the end of the story to find out.  So, pull up a bale, chew a few straws of hay and have a listen, y'all.

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