This past month alone, we must have seen at least a dozen super-cool images and videos of local wildlife caught on camera. Either friends and neighbors who've randomly encountered wildlife and happened to have enough presence of mind to whip out their phones and catch a picture of it, or through some videos posted on Facebook of folks who have checked their game-cams and captured some cool up-close-and-personal moments between a curious critter and their camera. We could rabbit-hole (pun intended) for hours on any number of cool posts on the MAINE Wildlife page, for instance. Earlier this week, someone put up a video on that page of an encounter they had with a Lynx  they came across while scouting for hunting spots. It was amazing!

And with hunting season ramping up, we know there are a lot of eyes on Nature these days. That being said, we would love to see what folks are finding out in the wild! If you have game-cam footage, photos or videos that you'd like to share...we'd love to see them. You can send them to our station Facebook Page, or submit your media via our app. Give us some details on where and when the footage was taken, and any other details you might have to give, and we'll feature them in a little "Got Game" segment on our website. We figure we can't be the only ones who find this stuff fascinating?! So Maine...You Got Game?

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