Windy enough for ya?

Raise your hand if you had to chase your trash bin, and all of the contents that blew down the road when a gust of wind knocked it over, first thing this morning like I did!

Many of us went to bed, listening to the wind howl. And many of us also woke up to that same sound.

I'll admit, I did a quick once over my yard and down the street to see if any branches had come down, as the wind seemed particularly strong.

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The National Weather Service issued a  "Hazardous Weather Outlook" for parts of Eastern Maine on Tuesday.

"Strong northwest winds will reach gusts as high as 40 to 45 mph today over open, especially high terrain."

High terrain could be hill and mountain tops, but in the case of high buildings, the winds certainly caused some damage to at least one today.

Glen Davis was heading into Bangor, towards Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center early this morning, when he came across this scene.

U-Haul, Glen Davis
U-Haul, Glen Davis

The U-Haul building in Bangor, which has been under construction throughout the winter, and was being worked on as recently as this weekend, suffered some damage from the high winds when part of that new construction toppled over.

"Yeah it's still really windy, you could tell it was pulling on the cables to the pole," Davis said stating that Bangor PD was on the scene when he came through.

U-Haul, Glen Davis
U-Haul, Glen Davis

Sgt. Wade Betters, from the Bangor Police Department, said they received a call about the building just after 6 AM.

"We responded to 70 Washington St. at 6:18 AM. Portions of the building closest to the road are under construction, and pieces of roofing and other material had blown into the travel lane. We had to shut part of the road down, and Versant responded to deal with roofing material that was caught up in/on the power lines."

Needless to say, it's situations like these, with high winds, where we do not envy, but do appreciate those who work "up high" like roofers, lineman, arborists, firefighters, and those in construction.

Stay safe out there today!

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