This week has been absolutely gorgeous.

Saturday, we may even see temperatures getting into the 90's. We hit 86 yesterday, and literally every day this week has been a bit nicer than the day before. For that matter, looking ahead at the extended forecast, it looks as though more summer-like temps are here to stay for the most part with many days in the mid 70's after the weekend heat.

Like most Mainers, when the heat starts settling in, I look for ways to keep cool. When it's a bit deeper into summer, I like to go to camp and splash around in an inner tube. Sure, I look like a giant, glowing whale, but who cares? It's not a beauty contest, thank god.

But right now, air temperature has nothing to do with water temperature.

Look, I know there's plenty of "polar bears" out there who jump in the ocean in the dead of winter. But face it... the water is warmer than the air in the winter. But it's still so friggin' cold that I don't understand why people do it, haha. But right now, the temptation to jump in the lake or ocean shouldn't be taken lightly.

The ocean isn't even 60 degrees yet. The lake at camp, although I didn't stick a thermometer in it, felt like ice water when I stuck my toes in it yesterday, just to see how cold it was. Streams and rivers too. When I was a kid I may have jumped right in. As an adult, it could be deadly. Not specifically just for me, but literally anyone.

It can be a pretty intense shock to the system.

Jumping into unexpectedly cold water can cause one's heart to stop, or cause someone to not be able to swim safely because the frigid water could cause immediate muscle fatigue and cramps. And since this kind of injury is super unpredictable, it should probably just be avoided altogether.

I get it, we're all Mainers, and we'll do what we want. And sure... this is just common sense, but how many people can you count on both hands, in your life, that have absolutely no common sense? That's what I thought. This is for them, so instead armchair quarterbacking it, spread the word. you might save someone's life.



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