I may not be able to win the $10,000 grand prize, or even any of the $1,000 prizes, but I still enjoy dreaming about what I would do with all that money. I have ideas. Maybe you have the same ideas. Maybe you have different ideas. Either way, it's fun to dream, isn't it. Let's dream together, shall we?

Some of these things would be for my kids, some would make my life easier, and some would be simply a treat that I'd never even consider thinking about, unless I had disposable income to throw at it.



The first thing I would do with some of the money would be to build my kids an awesome tree house in the back yard! I think every kid should have some sort of awesome fort or tree house to spend time in, that give them a place to play and use their imaginations!


Songsak Paname

To that end, I've also always had visions of building an enormous playground in the back yard. Something the entire neighborhood could come and enjoy! It would be super cool to have both those things right at home, so I could grab an ice coffee, and a lawn chair, turn the radio on, and watch the kiddos go nuts!



Speaking of coffee, I'd also get a super fancy and fun coffee maker! With the amount of coffee I consume, it would be nice to treat myself to a good cup of fancy stuff, every now and then.


Monkey Business Images

I think it would also be the bee's knees to have my own soft-serve ice cream dispenser! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a craving for ice cream, and just walk over to your very own dispenser and just pull a lever and Kablam?! Your very own ice cream!



I think an outdoor cinema in the back yard could be a lot of fun! We have a make-shift one now and it's ok. But to have a professional set-up to watch movies or games on would be kickin!



And if you have an outdoor cinema set up, you have to have your very own popcorn maker, right?! It has to be the same kind of maker they have at the movie theater, as there's just nothing yummier!


diego cervo

If I were to win thousands of dollars, one thing I would probably also look into would be to have someone come to my house and clean the stuff I don't get to in a normal day. For instance, the baseboards and door frames in my house are atrocious! With 4 kids, 3 cats and a dog, something or someone is always making those areas really gross. I would also have someone dust for me. I never get to dust.


Rattankun Thongbun

Another thing I'd splurge for would be to get my car detailed every other month. To have a van that didn't smell weird, have hand prints or stickers all over the windows, or have unidentified things stuck to the carpet would be AMAZING!



Another thing I'd spring for--and I don't care if this a thing or not--I would totally hire someone to fold & put away my laundry. I am always behind in my laundry by at least 3 loads. Having someone come in to keep me caught up would be amazing!


Kirill Vorobyev

I don't care who judges me, I would totally shave my cats! I have long haired Maine Coons....and they have tons of hair/fur. And it gets EVERYWHERE! If I had extra money to blow, I would totally shave those suckers so they couldn't shed on everything!



I love cheese. It's probably my favorite food. If there was a cheese of the month club, and I had extra cash, I'd totally sign up for that!



After I had kids, I couldn't justify spending money on tattoos with necessities like diapers and food to think of. But now that they're no longer in diapers, and if I had extra cash to spend, I'd probably get another tattoo. I've always wanted to get something that represented all of them in one, so I would spring to get one done by an amazing artist.



Last but not least, I'd hire someone to come give me a back rub before bed. I carry a lot of my stress in my back, and since I'm always stressed out, my back is always in pain. If I could have someone come in and give me a back massage before turning in for the night.

How about you? What would you blow $10,000 on? Don't forget to listen for those cash codes and tap the app when you hear them. Perhaps it will be more than just a daydream for you?!

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