Valentine's day is celebrated in many different ways, but here are some ideas to do for or get your sweet heart for V-day, the Maine way!

Valentine's Day for Mainers is easy to do by taking the typical V-day elements and putting a Maine twist on them!

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    Love in the Pine Tree State should be displayed by our state flower, the Pine Cone and tassel! Maybe add some evergreen branches to make a bouquet! Although this gift may be too SAPPY for some! (Get it?)

  • 2


    Take your date out for a baked bean suppah! Lobster and chowder are also great options! Just don't forget to wash it down with some Moxie or Allen's Coffee Brandy!

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    Dessert + Candy

    Chocolate covered blueberries, needhams, taffy, or a heart shaped whoopie pie with red frosting! Mainers love to use that sweet tooth!

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    No matter what, it is going to be cold on Valentine's Day in Maine. So go somewhere, anywhere warm! Fireplaces, inside or outside, can be very romantic as well as warm, so find somewhere with one of those. You could also get real cute and make s'mores together!

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    Anything tourmaline because that is our state mineral, and it's beautiful! We also think these lobster band rings are perfect for your date no matter their gender! If you don't want to be to lovey-dovey but still show you care with something shiny, we suggest a pair of ice cleats!