With temperatures well below zero this morning, a lot of cars and trucks just didn't want to start.  Do you know what to do when you jump into the driver's seat and turn the key only to hear that whirring sound and not the familiar sound of a happy and content engine?

Yes, you could call AAA.

Or, you could break out the jumper cables and start your car yourself!  Yes, you should always carry jumper cables in your vehicle, not only will they help start your car but they're a great tool in meeting the hot girl that lives next door who has a dead battery.  Now, there's also portable jumper starters and power packs that make the job real easy!

The first thing to do is to determine if your battery is indeed dead.  If you turn the key and hear the engine cranking, then it's not your battery.  If you turn the key and either hear silence or a clicking sound, then it's your battery.

#1--If you're using jumper cables, make sure that both cars are shut off!

#2--Connect one of the positive (red) ends of the jumper cable to the positive terminal (usually red too) on the stalled car's battery.  Make sure that the clamps are firmly attached.

#3-Take the other positive (red) clamp and attach it to the positive (red) terminal on the good car's battery.

#4--Connect the negative (black) clamp to the negative terminal on the good car's battery.

#5--On the disabled vehicle, connect the negative (black) clamp to any clean metal surface, look for an unpainted surface that is under the vehicle's hood.

#6 -- Start the good vehicle first, then try to start the disabled vehicle.  More than likely you're done!  If the disabled vehicle doesn't start right away, then let the good vehicle run for awhile, this will eventually charge the disabled vehicle's battery.

#7--While being very careful not to touch any of the terminal clamps together, remove the cables in reverse order.

There you go, not only did you save time and money by not waiting for the burly dude from the local garage to show up, but you impressed the hot girl next door!

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