So much of our summer is spent going to new and unfamiliar places and that is the fun part.  However, where there are mass multitudes of people criminals will look for easy ways to take you for a ride. Seriously, seems like today you can't let your guard down for a minute. So if you have never seen the way criminals add skimmers to ATMs and gas pumps read on.  Not to give them props but they really look like the real thing.

What started me thinking about this was a story recently about a woman finding a skimmer on an ATM in Atlanta. After researching some good videos I chose this on even though it is from Australia because it covers so many different styles plus all the aspects of how you can get ripped off. Best of all they give you great ideas of how to be smarter with your credit card in future.  Easy things too like just giving the face of the ATM a tug and shielding your hand when you are putting in your pin. Plus I like listening to them talk:)

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