There's an old joke about drummers. It goes something like this....

How do get a drummer to have a million dollars in the bank...? Give them $5 million.

So whenever I sit and think too hard about winning $10,000, this kind of always rings true in my head. Bills, or paying off cars, or investing the money always seems to be the last thing that pops into my head. I start fantasizing about all the fun ways I could use the money. Bills are so boring, and if you were never expecting the money in the first place....then why not spend a bunch of it?

Sure, obviously I could spend a ton of it on drum stuff. High end snare drums aren't cheap, trust me. I've found out the hard way on that one several times. But... I do love spending time in my kitchen. I could definitely start with upgrading all my kitchen equipment. But I think I'd also go for a brand new gas stove.

Cooking on an electric stove is for suckers, haha. Once you've gotten used to the awesomeness that is gas, you'll never want to go back. Along those lines... maybe one of the tankless hot water heaters. I'd love a constant supply of hot water. Sometimes I get stuck with a lukewarm shower. It's sad. No one deserves a lukewarm shower.

I would also consider a 4-wheeler for doing yard work, and riding all the trails in the woods behind my house. We're always wishing we could haul brush down onto the back part of our property, but don't have a proper vehicle to do it. A new 4-wheeler would do the job quite nicely.

Of course, if I actually could win that money, which I can't because I work for the company giving the money away... I imagine real life would set in at some point, and some bills would get paid, a big chunk would go to savings. But man, it's fun to think about all the cool things you could do with an extra $10K.

What would you do with it?

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