Hey, what's $10 now a days?  Why not spend it on Fluff?

That's right, you could drop $9.99 with the snap of a finger at any fast food place and be hungry again within an hour. You could spend $9.99 on just the shipping at Amazon.  Or, you could pony up $9.99 for 72 ounces, yes that's right, a full 4 and-a-half-pounds, of Fluff!

We know where our $ is going.

Big tubs of Fluff have arrived at the Brewer IGA on South Main Street.  Think people are excited?  Well, they are.  Which is entirely too obvious after reading some of the comments left behind on the Brewer IGA Facebook page.

Now here's a big surprise - one that never really occurred to us before, a huge tub of ooey and gooey Fluff makes a great Christmas present, which is clearly evident by Evelyn's comment.  Fortunately, the tubs showed up in the area just in the nick of time for Evelyn's son. "YES! finally!! we wanted this for our teen son for Christmas -- will grab some for his birthday", Evelyn tells us via Facebook.

Now Fluff is made out of egg whites, gobs and gobs of sugar, corn syrup, cream of tartar, water and vanilla extract, and fortunately for Sara, some of it even features strawberry flavoring.

Sara commented, "Do you have any of the pink fluff in, by chance?"

Brewer IGA replied, "Yes, we do!"

In which Sara replied, "I’ll be over later! Thanks!"

Immediately thereafter, Whitney joined the conversation: "Brewer IGA

In which Brewer IGA replied, "I believe it’s strawberry?"

Besides the ever popular mouth-watering world famous Fluffernutter, folks also use marshmallow Fluff for Whoopie Pies, S'mores and cup cakes.  Or as Sheila from Old Town says, "I go through one of those big tubs making peanut butter fudge for Christmas!"

Well there you go, over 300 words of fluff on, well, Fluff.  Or as Bob from the Bangor area says, "That's a lot of Fluff."

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