It's no secret that people are struggling these days. And for some, it can be a struggle to put a food on their own table, let along the bowls of their pets.

The Humane Society Waterville Area knows this is a reality for many Mainers. And they happen to be in a position to help. So they have created a "Community Pet Food Pantry" where folks in the area, who need a little help feeding Fifi or Fido, can come get a bag of food.

In a post from their Facebook Page this week, they said they often get food donations they cannot use, but that's perfectly fine for consumption, so instead of letting it go to waste, they want to help their furry neighbors.

"In a pinch and needing some dog or cat food? We have created a Pet Food Pantry with plenty of food that has been donated to us that we either can’t use, or is close to expiration. No need to make an appointment, you can stop by Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 12p-4p!"

While some folks started to question why they would accept donations they couldn't use, management at the shelter did issue a statement to clarify:

"We have a Amazon wishlist and we do appreciate all the donations to the shelter. What is being provided never goes to waste. Our animals have very sensitive stomachs and we have had happier animals in our care while providing a strict died that consist of non dyed food. "

Many residents expressed their gratitude for the organization's willingness to help give back.

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