Last week while we were in Florida we observed hummingbirds feeding off the flowering shrubs by the pool, and we wondered when our lovely feathered friends would end up back here in the Pine Tree State.

According to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is really the only breed of the bird seen here in Maine.  Those little buggers can flap their wings 70 times per second while flying up to 50 mph!  Sometime between February and April, hummingbirds leave their winter homes in Mexico and Central America and make the trip north.

A Facebook friend of ours shared something from Hummingbird Pots the other day, and we found it to be pretty interesting - it tells us that their arrival will begin around May 1st.

So mix up that hummingbird syrup (one part white sugar, three parts water, bring to a boil and then cool), and get that feeder up, because we'll have hungry visitors arriving soon!

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