What a difference a week makes...

Remember a week ago, we were heading into a weekend that was going to deliver us potential record-setting temps. But, let's be real... Mother Nature still threw a curve ball into the middle of it. Sure, we had huge, warm temps, but we also had annoying winds that made it hard to fully appreciate and enjoy the summerlike weather.

Then as the week went on, we had the Maine Classic: 74 degrees one day, 34 degrees the next morning. Wth?! And here we go, rolling into the next weekend, and there's more record temps on the way. But only because it's all being delivered to us by our new friend, Hurricane Nicole.

How often do you get to say November and thunderstorms at the same time?

Get ready to cross that off your bucket list, hahaha. Tomorrow the first batch of warm air will arrive, with the high headed for 65+ degrees. But, Friday night, all that rain from Nicole will be moving up this way after it makes landfall in Florida. Late that night, we'll start getting some serious rain that'll carry through most of the weekend.

By the time it's all over, we could easily get over two inches of rain. So Saturday pretty much looks like a bust as far as doing anything fun. The only consolation is that temps are going to be well above average, according to the National Weather Service in Caribou. We may even nudge up to 70 on Saturday. Not that it'll matter...

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