Tonight’s mystery artist in an age when we hear so much about the dischord between band members this rocker claim that he and his closest collaborator have never had an argument about anything. Think you know who they might be??

I found this confession of amenity in an interview from February 2016 between The Guardian and Sir Elton John about his long working relationship with Bernie Taupin. They were discussing one of his new albums, 'Wonderful Crazy Night' describing it as raucous and poppy, filled with lyrics about enduring love and parenthood, the latter the handiwork of his longstanding lyricist Bernie Taupin about whom he said:

 “I have no f*#king idea how our relationship works, it’s 49 years this year. I’ve never had an argument with him in my life, not about work, not about personal things, nothing. And we’re totally different people. I mean, he’s a f*#king cowboy who likes guns and I collect tablecloths and porcelain. It’s very odd.”

Odd maybe but no one can deny it works.  Here is Sir Elton with tonight's featured song:


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