Tonight’s mystery artists in their latest incarnation have gone a Van Halen route of enlisting a band members baby brother for their tour.  He has been called their ‘secret weapon’ Think you know who he is or his famous brother??

This particular fellow hails from one of Britain’s most famous musical families but with a sound all his own. Or at least that is the description on the Who’s webpage about Pete’s little brother Simon. The site says:

SIMON TOWNSHEND  Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals. Simon Townshend is straight from the lineage of one of British music’s most famous families, a familiar name but with an original sound. The son of England’s top big-band reed man and baby brother of Who legend Pete Townshend, Simon has been recording and performing since the age of nine, when he was recruited to add vocals to The Who classic Tommy.  On his own Stir Music Label, Simon has released eight well-received solo CDs and one with the band Casbah Club. In 2014, Simon released his recent album Denial, containing some of his most personal and inspirational work to date. In addition to his own music, Simon has been guitarist and vocalist in The Who since 1996, playing sold out tours around the world, including monumental performances at the 2010 Super Bowl and the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. He was referred to by one U.S. newspaper as The Who’s “secret weapon.”

Way to go little brother.  Also touring with the band another sort of family member Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr, is the rightful heir to the drum stool of his godfather Keith Moon. Here is tonight's featured song:

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