Tonight’s mystery artists says that he started using drugs when his parents divorced and that he managed to carry his adolescents well into his 30s.  He said he saw no problem with it because this is just what musicians do.  Justifying his alcohol and drug use with the deaths of his idols. He is still in music and he has been clean for 14 years. Can you guess who he might be or his band??

I found this on a site called Rockers in Recovery with Lynyrd Skynyrd Peter Keys.  Peter says in the interview that sober he plays better and he is a better band member not always trying to steal the spotlight. Much cheaper too Pete says his last OUI cost him 87,000 dollars, not there is some incentive.

Still strong and on the road with Lynyrd Skynyrd here they are with tonight’s featured song. Turn it up!

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