Tonight’s mystery artist’s  says meeting his wife was a major miracle, That he votes for Cheap Trick to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and he doesn’t display any of his gold records.. Think you can guess who this humble, lucky in love, Cheap Trick fan hall of famer might be??

There were actually all kinds of interesting information in the interview with Joe Perry. In the interview he talks about how he votes for Cheap Trick every year to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and give all his reasons.  He also says he likes how Steven Tyler will sing back up when someone else sings lead unlike Mick Jagger who’ll leave the stage. He remarked how his wife came across his gold records stored away because he thinks you are only as good as your last record. And what struck me most was his search for honest love. I love that your wife came from such a different background; she didn’t even know who Cheap Trick was. 

Joe Perry: She didn’t know who Aerosmith was… I feel bad for guys who have reached a certain amount of fame and fortune, whether they’re sports guys or actors, and they’re looking for the right woman. And there’s always gotta be that thing in the back of their mind: are they really marrying you because they love you, or because of what they perceive to be all the glamor and all the other stuff. It was a minor miracle—no, a major miracle —that she came from listening to underground and punk music, she didn’t know about Aerosmith. She’d heard a couple of songs on the radio, and that was really about it. And it wasn’t until a few years later when we were living together that she was going through some old boxes of stuff, she saw some magazines from the ’70s, some gold records here and there. I don’t hang all that on the wall. My feeling is, you’re only as good as your next record. You get a gold record for your last one? You gotta do better on your next one. Anyway! She didn’t really know anything about Aerosmith.

Tonight's featured song. Watch Joe's guitar that is his wife Billie:

The interview if you've got the time it is a good one.

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