Tonight’s mystery artist’s had one member of the band describe them as theatre and reality at the same time.  Think you can guess the band or member??

This quote was found in an interview with the Guardian and the Rolling Stones from just a few months ago in December of 2016.  Since they had just had to cancel a show because Mick said the desert dust had given him laryngitis the remainder of the band’s members took turns. Some very interesting thoughts surfaced during the interview including despite their love of Bob Dylan and how despite that they consider themselves more consistent in the quality of their live performances.  They also talk candidly about their drug use and life style, doing a private show for the owner of the Patriots for an estimated 3 million, and how after all the year according to Ronnie Wood said performing is still a delight. As for our beginning quote, it came from Keith Richards who said:

“I guess what the Rolling Stones are is a little bit of theatre and a little bit of reality at the same time.”

Tonight's featured song.

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