Tonight’s mystery artist’s  have a song that is described as a sound collage from other songs on the album and with no real lyrics, so much so that it generally piggy backs another song when played on the radio.  Do you know the song, band or album it is from??

According to Wikipedia that is the description of 'Speak To Me' from Pink Floyd’s 'Dark Side Of The Moon' album. They say:

The song itself is a  sound collage, which features no lyrics (although it contains parts of the conversation tapes that Pink Floyd recorded, as well a short snippet of Clare Torry’s vocal performance on "The Great Big Gig In The Sky"), and consists of a series of sound effects. It leads into the first performance piece on the album, "Breathe". As a result, they are usually played together on the radio, and most re-releases merge the two songs together.

What you will hear in tonight’s featured song is:

  • Heartbeat; this can also be heard at the end of "Eclipse]
  • Clock ticking, also heard in "Time"
  • Manic laughter of Peter Watts, also heard in "Brain Damage"
  • Cash register, also heard in "Money"
  • Helicopter noise, also heard in "On The Run"
  • Clare Torry’s scream, also heard in "The Great Big Gig In The Sky"
  • Backwards piano chord, which leads into "Breathe"

Warning, the language in 'Speak To Me' is NSFW. The rest is nothing short of groovy.

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