Tonight’s mystery artist’s  have a member who needed more excitement than Rock and Roll could deliver so he formed the ‘Jungle Studs’ club to explore mountains and kayak rivers.  Can you think who he might be or the band he plays with??

With a name like ‘Jungle Studs’ it isn’t hard to guess that David Lee Roth would be the one to come up with the club. Prior to that Van Halen's first two albums had none Platinum and I’m guessing he had a little money to burn. I found this and other interesting happenings on the Classic Van Halen website. Yep, 1980 was one heck of a year for the band:


  • February: David Lee Roth forms the Jungle Studs, a group of 14 adventurers consisting of lawyers, accountants, and doctors (Dave is the only musician). They make annual treks that include kayaking Alaskan rivers and climbing mountains in Nepal.
  • March 26: ‘Women and Children’ First is released. May: While filming a performance for Italian television at the Piper Club in Rome, Italy, David Lee Roth executes a flying leap from Alex Van Halen's drum riser and hits a low-hanging lighting rig, fracturing his nose and giving himself a minor concussion.
  • May 29: ‘Women and Children’ is certified gold.
  • June 2: ‘Women and Children’ is certified platinum. December 31: Edward Van Halen proposes to Valerie Bertinelli with an $8,000 emerald-cut diamond ring.

Here is  a cool version of tonight's featured song:


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